'All Around Men for all occasions'

Available for Rent Parties, Fish Fries, BBQs, Weddings and Funerals.

Sporting Houses, Jook Joints and Low Dives are a speciality at reduced rates.

Become part of the Orchestra!


Sing along with catchy choruses
Join in on kazoos, jugs and shakers
Try these dance steps - Cakewalk, Charleston
Shimmie-Sha-Wobble, Slow Grind or Black Bottom

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Ragtime Jug Orchestra News
The authentic string-band sound of the early 20th century.








A good-time mix of music from:

the steamboat levees of St Louis,

the bars of Beale Street, Memphis,

the Appalachian hills of Tennessee,

the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta,

& the famed sporting houses of New Orleans.

"Just Get Drunk and Truck"

"authentic...absorbing." Blues Matters 45

"The RJO added a lovely old-time feel and the audience joined in enthusiastically." Blues In Britain 94