The Performers

John has been playing music since a 'friend' convinced him at a young age that just blowing in a jug would bring wine, women and wealth. Sadly, he still harbours secret hopes of this, although the wine has never seemed to be a problem. Fully recovered from taking a career too seriously, he spends an unhealthy amount of time playing his instruments and putting on his blue anorak to research African American Music.

Alan spent his formative years playing clarinet in various amateur orchestras before falling for the popular delusion that playing the guitar was better for picking up girls. After a number of years in the barren wasteland of business he returned to music as a means of solace, if not financial support. He has played a wide variety of musical styles over the years and will turn his hand to anything except Country & Western, which he says leaves a nasty taint on his guitar.


Alan and John ran the Blue Front Bluesroom acoustic venue in The Forest of Dean from 2002-2011

and presented The Blue Front Blues show on Forest of Dean Radio


The RJO has been playing at festivals, events, parties,

folk, blues & acoustic clubs, pubs, cafes & bars since 1999, mainly around the Welsh borders, the Midlands, South Wales,

Bath & Bristol and in their own home patch of Gloucestershire.


Festival appearances include: Swanage Blues,

Upton Blues, Two Rivers Folk, Crawley Folk, Leicester City Blues,

Colne Great British R&B, The Big Session Folk, Summer Sundae,

The Musician Bluegrass & Old-Timey, Tewksbury Food,

Jazz at Llandeilo, Gloucester International Rhythm and Blues, and many local events...


The RJO has supported many well-known artists, including;

Bob Brozman, Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan, Guy Davis,

Paul Geremia, Steve James, Dave Kelly, Lazy Lester,

Michael Messer, Big Bill Morganfield, Michael Roach and

Philadelphia Gerry Ricks.


Alan Draisey ---------- John Anderson


John Anderson - vocals, 6 & 12 string and National Trojan guitars, banjo, kazoos, jug;


Alan Draisey - vocals, 6 & 12 string and Dobro guitars, mandolin, ukulele, bass, harmonica, kazoo, washboard and percussion.

"We did go down to the crossroads at midnight, but only

George Formby showed up"