The Ragtime Jug Orchestra offer a variety of performance presentations and workshops for children, young people and adults.

Workshops are available at all levels for all occasions: festivals, schools and universities, Black History Month events, blues and folk clubs, societies, parties and social events.

Workshops, Presentations and Parties

Learning to play the jug

Leicester City Blues Festival

Workshopsand presentations can be as fun'

or as 'educational' as required. They usually involve

audio-visual and multi-media presentations as well

as performance and 'hands-on' workshop experience.



House-party, birthday bash, or a corporate 'do'? Why not let The RJO entertain the guests?

Music for dining, music for listening and even authentic dance steps to enliven the event.

We can of course suggest an authentic menu!

'Home-made Instruments'




Get your rhythm bones going, and learn to play some percussion, the diddley-bow,cigar-box guitar,

kazoo and jug, or, just

shake that thing!

A popular workshop with children of all ages (and their parents)

Presentations can be tailored to the aimsof any level of syllabus, and the RJO have many years experience of teaching at primary, FE and University level and as corporate trainers.


"absorbing...informative" Blues Matters 45

'Down The Mississippi' - A journey through African-American Music from St Louis to

New Orleans - suitable for all levels and as performance backdrop.

Ragtime and Early Blues' - Chronicling the history and dispelling some of the myths about the development of Ragtime and Blues - from Scott Joplin through to Robert Johnson
'Lightening Up - Black Context and White Listener' - From African American signifying on slavery and segregation to the mainstream popular cultural appropriation of African American musics - from Minstrelsy to Tin Pan Alley and early blues recordings.

For a more educational event, or simply as a backdrop to their own performance, presentations focus on the development of African American musics and their impact on popular culture during the second half of the19th and first half of the 20th Centuries.















Others include: 'The Roots of Rock', 'Memphis Music', etc