'All Around Men for all occasions'

 The authentic string-band sound of the early 20th century...

The RJO play a good-time mix of music from the steamboat levees of St Louis, the bars of Beale Street, Memphis, the Appalachian hills of Tennessee, the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta & the famed sporting houses of New Orleans. 

Available for Rent Parties, Fish Fries, BBQs, Clam bakes, Weddings and Funerals.
Sporting Houses, Jook Joints and Low Dives a speciality at reduced rates.

"authentic...absorbing." Blues Matters 45 

"The RJO added a lovely old-time feel and the audience joined in enthusiastically." Blues In Britain

Become part of the Orchestra! Sing along with catchy choruses, join in on kazoos and shakers and shake your shimmy

"A perfect band. You can listen, drink and play kazoo!" Tom Ball 

"Just Get Drunk and Truck"

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