The RJO is available for festivals, concerts, pubs, music clubs, arts centres, village halls, house concerts, parties, weddings, birthdays, BBQ's, outdoor events, and for fun, educational or instrumental tuition workshops - the gig is tailored to suit.

The RJO appeals to all sorts of audiences - from blues and folk purists to surprised pub regulars, from cheery party-goers to loveable old drunks (but no, we don't do 'Summer of 69').

Join in skiffle favourites with nostalgic gusto, jive around the patio heaters, switch off the TV and boogie on down with kazoo and jug.

 We will be very happy to discuss your requirements.

"No gig too small, no fee too large.

"Bring your own stomp box, swanee whistle or spoons and come prepared for a different Blues Night. This is old-time blues from way out west in the Forest of Dean, where they like it a little bit country, a bit more hokum and a lot more fun." Thursday Blues, Reading

"It was a truly fun night on Sunday with a great deal of audience participation. The RJO were on top form and gave us a great journey back through time with well-delivered songs from the early days of country blues." Queens Head

Downloadable posters, press and bio..

"Very fine and mellow." A Welsh military biker 

"My life was a meaningless eternity until I learnt to truck." Jean-Paul Sartre  

"I preferred you to Gary Moore." A very drunk chap at a Leicester City Blues Festival